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Related Issues: Claiming Benefits

If you have a physical or mental disability and have difficulty getting about, or need supervision or help when carrying out personal care tasks, you might be eligible for the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowance (AA). These are non-means tested benefits, so you can claim them regardless of what income and savings you have.

To qualify for DLA, you must be under 65, and to qualify for AA you must be 65 or over. DLA has two components, care and mobility. You can claim one or both depending on your disability. AA does not have a mobility component and you will only get it if you need help with personal care or supervision.

Having incontinence issues will not necessarily mean you can get AA or DLA, but you may be eligible if you need help with tasks such as getting to and from and using the toilet, changing your continence pads, or you need to be reminded to go to the toilet.

You can get a claim form for DLA or AA by calling the Benefit Enquiry Line on 0800 88 22 00. Your local Age UK can help you with the claim form and can also carry out a benefits check to see if there are other benefits you may be eligible for. Call Age UK Advice for contact details of your local Age UK – see Further information.

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