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Related Issues: Skin Care

If you have incontinence issues, you might face extra challenges when it comes to hygiene. It is important that you wash regularly to keep your skin in good condition.

If you wear continence pads, make sure you change them regularly. Use a cotton cloth or a disposable wipe to get rid of any residue, and dry the area carefully with a soft towel. After cleansing, moisturise and use a barrier cream. If your skin becomes broken, consult your district nurse or GP as soon as possible.

Many women with incontinence use sanitary pads instead of continence pads because they are cheaper, but you should avoid doing this. They don’t have the same technology and so leave your skin damp, which can be uncomfortable and lead to soreness.

Having a balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids can also help to keep your skin healthy.

For more information, go to the Personal hygiene section.

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