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Your bladder or bowel problem shouldn’t stop you from going out, visiting friends or going on holiday. However, you might feel more relaxed if you plan ahead.

Take a bag whenever you go out containing pads, spare pants, disposable wipes and plastic bags. Wear loose-fitting clothes as they make changing easier. If you often have to rush to the toilet, try wearing skirts or trousers with elasticated waists, or Velcro instead of buttons, as these can be removed more quickly. The Bladder and Bowel Foundation offers a Just can’t wait toilet card which clearly states that you have a medical condition which requires the urgent need of a toilet.

If you’re going on a long car journey with friends, make them aware of your problem if you feel able to, so that they know you will need regular stops or visits to the toilet. Try to find out beforehand where appropriate places to stop might be. Many coaches have their own toilets and regular stops are usually built into their itinerary.

If you’re flying, try to pre-book an aisle seat near the toilet. And if you’re out at a restaurant or other public place, using the disabled toilet will give you more space if you need to wash or change.

You can get a key from the disability network RADAR that allows you to use usually-locked disabled toilets around the country under the National Key Scheme.

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