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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of disposable products?

Disposable products are able to offer much higher absorbency levels when compared to washable products. There is also a much larger range of choice, ranging from slimline rectangular inserts for light incontinence to large all In one products (adult diapers) capable of dealing with heavy to very heavy levels of incontinence. To view our range, click here.


What are the benefits of washable products?

Washable products can have a cost advantage over disposable products. Although initial costs can be higher, because the products can be reused many times, the cost in the long run is reduced when compared to disposable products.

Washable pants look like normal underwear and tend to be manufactured out of more comfortable materials like cotton. They are perfect for light, bladder weakness. Mesh support pants should be worn with small or large shaped pads. The secure fitting pants hold the pad close to the body for protection and to avoid leaks. The range of waterproof pants can be worn over a disposable product for extra protection. Some people use them over incontinence aids when they go swimming.

Why not take a look at the range, just click here.


What if I find a cheaper price somewhere else?

We will beat any advertised price, offer or deal, online and in-store by 5%! See the Price Beat Guarantee


How do I place an order?

You can place an order either online through the secure shopping section or over the phone. Visit the online shop or you can phone the ordering line using

0800 046 1501


Can you give me advice on my incontinence?

Our customer service team are only able to give advice on the products we have available. For specialist Incontinence advice it is always best to speak to either a continence specialist or a Doctor.


How do I know which product to buy?

Choosing the right product can be difficult and quite confusing when confronted with a large range of products. This site contains a lot of information and advice relating to this subject, along with product reviews of popular items. Both of these sections can be found by clicking the relating tab above.


Can you explain your absorbency rating system?

The absorbency rating system comes in 2 different forms. The first is shown simply in millilitres. You can work out how much liquid this is in practice by comparing it to everyday objects containing liquid, where the amount in ml is shown (eg. small bottles of water etc.). The second is taken from the manufacturers of the product. Most manufacturers will have a droplet system, with 1 droplet being the least and either 4 or 8 being the highest.


How will my order be delivered?

Orders are delivered using either Hermes or a third party courier called Yodel (formerly, Home Delivery Network). Choice Shops find both methods of delivery very reliable and efficient and rarely have a problem with either.


Are orders delivered in discreet packaging?

Yes, all orders are delivered either in plain purple mailing sacks or in cardboard boxes with any text covered over using black tape.


What is your returns policy?

There are several circumstances in which Choice Shops will happily refund or exchange your purchase. See the Hassle Free Returns page