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Mattress Cleaning & Accessories(4 Products)

Mattress Cleaning & Accessories

This range of Mattress Cleaning products aims to offer a four-step approach for cleaning your mattress. Although suitable for use as individual products, they are most effective when used together, ensuring you get the most out of your bedding and mattress.

The Urine Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaning spray, perfect for fighting odours and replacing them with a more pleasant, fragrant scent. For deeper stains, the Stain Remover quickly tackles marks left on soft furnishings from urine or faeces, with no need to scrub the area.

The Deodoriser then gets to work on the odour by eradicating the bacteria that causes any unwanted smells and leaves a long-lasting fresh linen scent in their place. Finally, the Air Freshener contains natural bacteria to ensure the area is left smelling fresh and welcoming.

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